What is presently the biggest threat to the economy of the United States?  Some may guess terrorism, some may say cyber attacks and some people may even say it’s democrats and others republicans.  However, the biggest threat to our economy is the health of our people.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.  In 2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at 147 billion dollars.  I don’t put much stock in government statistics, because from what I see in my practice and from what I see when traveling the world teaching holistic health and fitness, I know the numbers are even higher than stated.

So what are “we” going to do about it?

Unfortunately I can’t answer for you. However, I can offer you my educated opinion on why our citizens keep getting bigger and bigger and sicker and sicker.  The medical community will blame lack of exercise and demonize fat, sugar and “evil” cholesterol.  We have a world full of doctors, PhD’s, nutritionists and fitness experts, yet no one has the answer for our declining health and obesity explosion.  Our society has turned into an “instant gratification” culture and we are always looking for that one magic bullet.  Just stop for a moment, look around, pay attention, be present.  We all know someone with cancer, we all know someone who is overweight, and we all know someone suffering from other diseases.  So, my question to you is…Do you really think there is or is ever going to be a quick fix?  I hope you answered no and you are ready to take control of your own health.

Bear with me for a moment.  The United States ranks 38 out of 191 countries in health.  However, the United States spends more money on healthcare than any other country.  France, however, home of butter, sauces and heavy cream, ranks number 1 in health.  I already know what you are going to say…”It is because French people drink a lot of red wine, right?”  Actually no!  The so-called study that “proved” red wine is healthy is actually bogus!  Dr. Dipak K. Das from the University of Connecticut falsified the data.  Officials found 145 cases of fabricated or false data over 7 years that was released in 11 very influential journals.  So, how is it French people rank number 1 in health?  They eat REAL food; the corporations don’t own their political system and companies like Monsanto are banned from selling their poisonous, disease-causing, and obesity-promoting products.

What I suggest

I suggest taking your own health into your own hands and question EVERYTHING!  I tell all my students… “Do not believe a thing I tell you until you try it for yourself.”  Now when is the last time you heard someone say that?

We can be prisoners and give up our power to the medical community or should I say the pharmaceutical community and blame genetics and have the false belief that we have no control over our health.  Or you can believe in another approach that only 5% of what happens to us is actually genetics.  I have a different definition of genetics.  My definition is — what did your parents teach you? — What did their parents teach them? —and so on up the line.  It is time to take responsibility for what you create moment to moment.  This is the true definition of an adult.  Just follow these guidelines and watch your health and vitality improve day by day.

The 10 tips

  1. Eat real food.  If it was not here 10,000 years ago, do not eat it.
  2. Always combine your macronutrients for blood sugar control at every meal and snack. Also, eat small frequent meals.
    1. Protein “eyes” — anything that had eyes, or is going to have eyes to see with is a protein.  Try to purchase organic, free-range proteins.
    2. Carbohydrates — “no eyes”— this is your fruits and vegetables, that is, plants that you can pick and eat.  Grains require processing, so I do not include these as a carbohydrate.  Please chose organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
    3. Fats – the only fats you should ever consume are real butter, olive oil and coconut oil.
  3. Eat organic.  Foods contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, etc. will promote fat storage and disease.  Fat stores toxins and many people cannot lose weight because their fat is storing and protecting the organs from all the toxins being consumed.
  4. Exercise – Get the right kind and amount of exercise.  Most people who exercise actually over exercise for their nutrition and lifestyle.
  5. Sleep – Your body actually looses weight and repairs itself between the hours of 10pm and 2 am.
  6. Avoid food additives
    1. Carageenan
    2. Guar
    3. Gums
    4. High fructose corn syrup
    5. Food colorings
    6. Artificial sweeteners and artificial anything
  7.  Take time for yourself to relax and do things you enjoy
  8. Drink plenty of clean water.  Tap water has many toxins in it including fluoride.
  9. Find your legacy.  What do you love?  What are you passionate about?  People who have a dream or a passion don’t have time to be sick or overweight.
  10. Give up the grains.  Grains are fed to farm animals to make them fatter faster.  If you can’t give up all grains, then at least try to give up the gluten grains which are wheat, rye, barley and oats