Greetings everyone, I am just back from Los Angeles where I made presentations at IDEA World Fitness Convention.  IDEA runs one of the best fitness conventions in the world.  I delivered two lectures for the C.H.E.K Institute.  The first was titled “To Workout Or Not To Workout, That Is The Question” and the second lecture was titled “Effective Flexibility Training, You Don’t Have To Tie Yourself In Knots.”  Flying across the United States to deliver two lectures may seem a bit extreme.  However, to be selected to teach at IDEA is no small achievement.  IDEA does its best to invite only the top names in the industry and I am honored to have presented at IDEA four times now in the last 5 years.  In addition to lecturing I was also contacted by PT On The Net ( to potentially start creating content for its web site.  So, in retrospect, the long trip to Los Angeles was well worth the extra airline miles!

My first lecture “To Workout Or Not To Workout, That Is The Question.”

This is the fourth time I delivered this lecture and I believe it is one of the most important topics to discuss in the fitness industry.  But guess what?  The fitness industry is not ready to hear the message and this was demonstrated by a small turn out of about 40 students, which is a small class size for me.  In the fitness world we have a major DUALITY—let me explain.  Did you know in the United States only 5% of females and 8% of males do a consistent exercise program which includes something as simple as walking a dog?  Now here is the kicker.  Of those 5% and 8% the majority of these people actually OVER exercise for their nutrition and lifestyle habits.  So, this is the DUALITY.   On one end of the spectrum the U.S. is filled with “couch potatoes” and on the other end, people that just can’t seem to rest or relax.