Hello everyone.  Just back from NYC where I had the fortunate opportunity to spend three days with world-renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer http://www.guyvoyer.com/eng/index.htm and his ELDOA class.  I am sure you must be asking, “What is ELDOA?”  Please give me one minute.  I have been blessed to learn from some of the greatest minds in the health and fitness industry, people like Gary Gray, Gray Cook, Robin McKenzie, Charles Poliquin, Ola Grimsby, Pavel Kolar, Brian Mulligan, Dr. Stanley Paris, Paul St. John — and the list goes on and on.  Following physical therapy school, I estimate spending over $100,000 on continuing education.  There are two people that are not listed above because I elevate them to a special place and they are Paul Chek and Dr. Guy Voyer.  This blog is about Dr. Guy Voyer’s ELDOA Method.

What Is ELDOA?

In technical terms ELDOA means, Longitudinal Stretching with Osteo-Articular Decoaptation.  In simple terms the ELDOA is used to target a specific joint (region) to decompress, relive pain, restore function and balance.  From the list of the names above, one can imagine that I have been exposed to many techniques (tools) and philosophies in my life; however I can honestly say that the ELDOA is by far the MOST amazing one I have ever experienced.  Now with that said, ELDOA is a “tool” and just like a mechanic can have the greatest set of wrenches, but if not used properly they are worthless.

Why Do I Need ELDOA?

I assume only human beings are reading my blog post.  Human beings are the only creatures on earth that navigate gravity with a vertical spine.  Gravity can be very cruel.  Whenever the body is in a vertical position, gravity causes compressive forces through all the joints.  Gravity of course is necessary to keep us attached to mother earth and to aid many bodily functions; however gravity can also be destructive especially when combined with poor posture, work, athletics and exercise.  In the 1980’s Florence Kendall, PT stated that the majority of school children had one or more postural faults and this was before the excessive use of computers.  Now it would be safe to say that 100% of children have poor posture and as the life cycle continues things don’t get better, they get worse.

Sports And Exercise

The first thing that must be understood is that the human body is not designed to participate in sports.  Although glorified and praised by our society, a professional athlete must understand the consequences of his choices and the big consequence is the trade off of fame and fortune for a life time of orthopedic pain.  The same is true with exercise.  Remember, human beings are the only creatures to navigate the earth with a vertical spine and when the spine is loaded externally with weight, the compressive forces get even greater.  Add this to the fact that most people have some type of postural fault with poorly aligned joints and it should be easy to see why certain joints get injured or eventually wear out.  The great news is, there is a technique to help combat the rigors of being an athlete or exercising and that is called…ELDOA!

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