Everyone should have soft tissue work done on a regular basis if possible. People that participate in sports or workout on a regular basis, it is even more critical. Soft tissue work plays an integral role in the health and vitality of an active body. There are many types of body workers to choose from.

H3 recommends a Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) to perform this type of specialty work. Dan and his staff members are certified in neuromuscular therapy from St. John Seminars, now called Neurosomatic Educators, ( Soft tissue work does many things for the body including eliminate muscles spasms, enhance flexibility, restore biomechanics, increase muscle strength and add to muscle endurance.

A good NMT will also use the work to pump vital fluids around the body to support the immune system, digestive and elimination system and support cardiovascular health. But for me, when Dan does NMT on me… It just feels good! 🙂 Here is a picture of Dan and I doing NMT work on Mike. Mike loves the NMT work as much as I love belly rubs.

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