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ELDOA A Miracle Technique?

I will not say ELDOA creates miracles.  However, in my practice and in my own body I have witnessed some amazing results — -amazing enough that I use specific ELDOAs in all of my private client programs and amazing enough that I designed a 1-hour group exercise class called Totem that is a series of ELDOAs done in sequence.  I feel so strongly about the ELDOA technique that I felt it was important to offer it to those that could not afford my services one-on-one.

What Can ELDOA Be Used For?

Basically there is an ELDOA for every joint in the body.  These are some of the more common uses for the method:

  1. Stimulate or pump the discs of the spine, and this includes disc pathologies.  Only 1% of people with a disc injury actually needs surgery.
  2. Treat spinal stenosis, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, anterolisthesis
  3. Pumps the organs and the glands of the body.  Eugen Sandow said back in the late 1800’s, ”You can’t have healthy muscles without first having healthy organs and glands.”  This pumping action occurs due to the fascia link between your vertebra, organs and glands.
  4. Strengthen the body in “end range.”  Stepping off a curb, a tennis serve, the backswing and followthrough in golf, slipping on ice, a car accident, etc. are all examples of end range motions.  ELDOA strengthens the body in extreme end ranges of motion, so these every day occurrences are non-threatening to the body.
  5. Teaches proprioception of joints.  Proprioception is awareness of our bodies and joints in relation to space.
  6. Teaches maintenance of the gravity line.  (Explanation of the gravity line is for another blog.)  However, when the gravity line is maintained, the human body is in perfect alignment allowing for optimal function and energy.
  7. Normalization of the neuroendocrine system, which controls the interaction between the nervous system and the hormones.  ELDOA can actually help regulate emotions.
  8. Pelvis pain including sacroiliac joint dysfunctions.
  9. Treatment of headaches via the dura mater which surrounds the brain and the spinal cord.
  10. Treatment of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) usually associated with pain, popping or clicking in the jaw.
  11. Treatment of the hip including arthritis, labrum tears and to prevent hip replacement.  I personally had a client that walked in my door with a cane on July 4th who was scheduled for hip replacement on August 16th.  Via the use of the ELDOA for the hip joint and other corrective exercise she has cancelled her surgery and is now walking without a cane!
  12. ELDOA can simply be used in any program to promote proper posture, strengthening, flexibility and over all well-being.

Where Can I Learn ELDOA?

As explained above, ELDOA was created by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, based in Marseilles France.  Dr. Voyer teaches around the word, but only a select group of people have been exposed to this amazing technique.  Although the numbers are growing, I can honestly say that I am the only person known in all south Florida who regularly studies with Dr. Voyer and certified in the ELDOA method.

There are two options to learn about the ELDOA method.

  1. Call and book a private consultation at H3.
  2. Sign up for H3’s Totem class based entirely on the ELDOA method.

H3’s office number is 954.566.0585 and our motto…Better Body. Better Life.

Dan Hellman MSPT, C.H.E.K Faculty, Student to Dr. Guy Voyer