A relationship with distance running can take you to your highest highs and bring you to your lowest lows…

As any avid distance runner knows running is just like any other relationship; if you treat it right it will bring you nothing but confidence and happiness, on the other hand if you abuse this relationship it’ll leave you feeling abandoned and hurt. When we push ourselves just a bit past out breaking point we have to break it off with running for an unforeseen amount of time and find another vice to allow our body to heal. So, every distance runner is always looking for a quick fix for the little aches, pains, or injuries that come with the miles that we put on our bodies. Even though there is no magic wand to prevent injuries a consistent strength training and flexibility program can aide in keeping you out on the road.

Distance runners seem to have this fear of incorporating weights into their running schedule because they do not want to get to “bulky” or gain weight. But weight training programs can be designed around a runners specific wants and needs to train our muscles to run longer, faster, and feel strong while doing it. Strength training not only gives the body a strong base to run with, it also helps to protect the joints and make the body more efficient. Lower body and core strength are very important to keep you running injury free. Upper body strength is just as important for strong running because our arms help to power up hills and move the body fast…it also helps prevent those annoying cramps some can get in their shoulders/neck during our longer faster runs.

To keep your relationship with running going strong for the rest of your life get yourself on a strength endurance weight training program and an everyday flexibility routine!

For more information on running tips you can visit www.runnersworld.com

-Fellow distance runner, Alyssa Sawyer