Runners with aches and pains

So how many distance runners do you hear complaining of tired sore knees, hips, low backs and maybe even shoulders after a long run or tough workout? You hear this a lot around the running groups—right? And everyone’s solution is stretching and ice. Well, there is a technique that the team at Hellman Holistic Health teaches called ELDOA (Totem Class) that will help decompress the joints and relieve these aches.

What is ELDOA?

ELDOA stands for longitudinal stretching with osteo-articular decoaptation and it stands for active decompression of the joints by using the fascia and muscles of the body,  (Guy Voyer-Soma Training)  This exercise is designed to fight gravity and use your own body’s force to improve your posture and create necessary space in the joints to allow for optimal blood flow and regeneration. ELDOA consists of certain postures that relate to different levels of the spine and put the body in challenging positions to get a good sweat and work your posture muscle (you MUST have strong posture muscles to run for long distances!). Now I know that some of you may be reading this and are thinking “oh yeah, like yoga, I’ve done this before”…but trust me you have not done this before. Comparing ELDOA to yoga would be like having someone count to get your race time instead of using a chip time system; they do the same thing but are completely different in every way.

All runners need ELDOA           

All distance runners should find time to come to Hellman Holistic Health (the only place in Florida that teaches ELDOA) and experience this exercise method. ELDOA will improve your running form, strengthen your core, promote blood flow and recovery and decompress all of your joints that are being compressed during the run. There are even certain ELDOA exercises that are specifically designed to improve your running mechanics.

Distance runners rejoice! There is a “magic” method to aid in injury prevention, recovery from injury and make your joints happy!

If you’re interested and would like to try the ELDOA Method, visit and sign up for a Totem class or give us a call for a free private consultation at 954.566.0585.


Your fellow distance runner and H3 coach, Alyssa Sawyer