Ligaments Are Smart

Have you ever heard someone say that the knee is just a dumb bone that floats between the foot and the hip?  Or, there is no treatment for injured ligaments?  I embarrassed to say that I myself have said this many times when working with clients one-on-one or lecturing in front of hundreds of students.  However, I will never say this again!  The reason I said this, is because the knee doesn’t have a lot of muscular control, it only has ligaments.  We are taught in school that once ligaments are injured there is nothing that can be done.  However, I found out last weekend this is not true.

An Exercise For Every Ligament In The body

I had the amazing privilege of taking another class from world renowned osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer.  This class was titled Specific Proprioception & Awareness.  Dr. Voyer informed us that there is a proprioception exercise for EVERY ligament in the human body.  This class was a game changer for me and my clients.  How many people on this planet have injured their ACL ligament, sprained their ankle or suffer from back pain?  The answer is millions!


What Is Proprioception?

Defining proprioception can be very “technical.”  So, lets consider proprioception as the control of bones and or joints.  The bones and joints are controlled by numerous structures in the body, but to make this simple lets just call these structures, micro-computers.  Once these micro-computers are injured it is imperative to work directly on these points.  This work is very precise and most therapists don’t understand that working on proprioception globally actually causes a bigger discrepancy between the healthy ligaments and the injured ligaments.  Thus, this work is done with very specific and controlled micro-movements.


Proprioception For Prevention

Proprioception works amazing to restore ligamentous control.  However, proprioception of healthy ligaments placed strategically into a fitness program is a sure way to prevent future injuries. Proprioception and awareness is for everyone, especially athletes. Ligaments are not dumb, they can be smart!


H3 is the only center in all of Florida that is capable of teaching these exercises.  If you are interested in how proprioception and awareness benefits you contact H3 today at 954.566.0585


Better Body Better Life

Dan Hellman MSPT, CHEK Faculty