Hello, Everyone!

Today I want to talk about using your brain! I am not talking about using your brain to read a book or do a mathematical equation. I am talking about using the stored memory of movement patterns in our cerebellums to be a functional human being. As a loving creature of nature I don’t need to think about using my stored movement patterns—- it happens automatically. For example, if I want to run and then jump up over a fence to catch a squirrel my brain is not thinking of what actions my muscles, bones, ligaments need to do to achieve the movement.

In humans, the complexity and the cognitive abilities of the human brain allow the brain to analyze the movement pattern of jumping over a fence. In some cases, humans do not use their stored movement patterns correctly, causing dysfunctional patterns to be stored in the cerebellum. This can cause my human friends pain, discomfort, inflammation, and even costly surgeries.

Luckily, there is a fantastic modality called NeuroKinetic Therapy® which utilizes a test against a minute pressure to see the function of a muscle within a movement pattern. This specifically addresses the root cause of pain and dysfunction to reprogram the human brain and become functional again.