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Nicole Mix
Office Manager

Nicole began working at Hellman Holistic Health in Fort Lauderdale in January 2017 as its Office Manager. She offered a wide variety of IT, Office Management and Customer Support skills developed over her 14 experience years in the field. She has worked at small and large companies, for which she personally managed most facets of business tasks. At each of these jobs she had a crucial role in managing office tasks and was an outstanding member of customer service teams.

At H3, her duties include scheduling all client appointments, accounting/bookkeeping, directly contacting clients and students, helping organize SOMA Therapy and SOMA Training classes for Guy VOYER, DO, purchases with vendors, and other customer and business support tasks. The position requires many organizational skills.

Nicole found that most clients at H3 are eager to better their lives by living healthier and happier ones. She feels this is indicative of her own attitude, and she enjoys collaborating with diverse groups of people and is a positivity-first person.

Nicole was born in Illinois, lived in Indiana, Arizona, Georgia and Massachusetts and is now settled in Fort Lauderdale. She enjoys outdoorsy activities like camping, hiking, fishing and anything to do with the ocean. Nicole and her 8 year old son live by the saying “A Family that works out together, stays together”.