What is the “SOMA Elite” you may ask?


“The SOMA Elite” is a monthly membership offered to our students attending our SOMA Training courses for the next 2-3 years here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL

We have added even more discounts to our course rates. 

You simply pay a lower monthly fee and you can attend all the SOMA Training courses. You may have started either in December 2017 or you can start right away in time for our next course!


As a “SOMA Elite Member” of the SOMA Training Program you get exclusive specials and deals on Meal Plans, a discount on all courses, the ease of paying for the program with low monthly payments and the guarantee you will be able to complete the program in a timely manner.



How much are the monthly payments?




  • All options subject to change. Option 1, after December 2017, email info@hellmanholistichealth.com for price changes
  • If you have a unique plan in mind, please contact us at info@hellmanholistichealth.com and work out a plan that works for you.
  • Price per course: $1,000 (that’s a $250 discount per course) – price is for 5 of more courses selected in your agreement. If financing less than 5 courses, cost per course is $1,100

SOMA Elite – FAQ



  • What if I am retaking a course or intend to not take a course?

That is not a problem! Email us at info@hellmanholistichealth.com and provide the certificate (if retaking) and/or list the course names or dates you cannot attend. We will re-adjust your monthly payment totals according to the course you can’t take or with the retake costs.


Please note, there are some unique courses in SOMA Training that are not eligible for retake discounts. For more information, contact us at info@hellmanholistichealth.com .


  • What if I have an emergency or prior obligation and cannot make the course in Fort Lauderdale when it’s offered?


We understand that life happens. Therefore, if you know the course will be held at a different location, we may pay for your tuition (only) for the transfer.

(May pay up to $1000 per transfer course. SOMA Elite extras are non-transferrable)


Approval must be made by us H3 60 days (or more) prior to the other location’s start date. 




  • Are the extra classes offered in Fort Lauderdale, hosted by H3 and outside of the SOMA Training program, included in the monthly payments? 


No, the extra courses that Guy VOYER and Dan Hellman choose to host additionally in Fort Lauderdale, FL are not included in the monthly payments. They are not part of the SOMA Training curriculum; they are part of other curriculums or programs. Some additional courses may be offered in the same weekend of the SOMA Training course. They are still considered outside of the SOMA Training program and have an additional tuition. 


If you would like more information please email H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com



  • Are hotel rooms, flight and travel expenses, etc included in the SOMA Elite?

Hotel rooms, flight and travel expenses, etc are NOT part of the SOMA Elite payments.


  • What are the meal plans?
“BRAIN MELTING” makes you hungry, and boy do we have a perfect meal plan for you!
We have a new option for healthy meals are limited in our area. We are now having YaDa Chef catering our courses.
The meal plan includes Dinner Friday and Breakfast and Lunch Saturday and Sunday.


Meals are gluten free, dairy free, soy free. The food is AMAZING, super affordable and the Chef is a distinguished organic/gluten free chef. Check out their websites below!
www.yadachef.com  | food.yadachef.com
Remember, since you are part of SOMA Elite, your meal plan is FREE!
You must still sign up at every course with H3 to participate.
Email H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com to sign up!




  • Sign up with H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com to set up payment arrangements and any unique membership plans.
  • Contact H3 at 954-566-0585 to pay over the phone
  • You may send a check to Hellman Holistic Health with SOMA Elite in the memo.
    • Send checks to:
 Hellman Holistic Health
3020 NE 32nd Ave #319
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
* If you would prefer a different payment method, you may arrange this with H3.
* Please send certificates on retake courses to H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com for proof of attendance.


What ever your question or query please feel free to get in touch and one of our expert team will get straight back to you.

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+1 954 566 0585


3020 NE 32 Avenue #319
Fort Lauderdale, FL