What is the SOMA Training Program?

The SOMA Training Program is for Sports Trainers, Fitness Consultants, and Physical Therapists. The curriculum is paced to allow the intention to specific practice periods, in-depth themes or training towards qualifications in the Soma Training Program; techniques which support treatments for everyone’s health and wellness as well as assisting athletes reach maximum performance. 
The SOMA Training Program is broken down into three levels with four to five courses to complete within each level. Each course is designed to provide the building blocks which allow the foundation for subsequent courses. The format is intended to create as supportive an environment as possible for all participants. 
Each course is three days long and scheduled over the weekend allowing less impact on your work and personal schedules.


NOTE: There are no prerequisites for any course in the SOMA Training Fort Lauderdale program. Courses may be taken in any order, according to the Fort Lauderdale course schedule listed below.
Upon completion of all of the Level One, Two, and Three classes, a Certificate of Applied Trainer and a European Diploma of Animator in Sport, Health and Fitness Training (FFCP) will be awarded.


SOMA Training Program – Fort Lauderdale Course Schedule


*Year 1 courses 1-4 have already passed in Fort Lauderdale. There are other hosts and locations offering these courses. Please contact H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com for more information and assistance with locating the courses missed.

NOTE: There are no prerequisites for any course in the SOMA Training Fort Lauderdale program. 
Courses may be taken in any order, according to this Fort Lauderdale course schedule.



SOMA Training Fort Lauderdale FAQ

  • Who is Guy VOYER, DO?
Guy VOYER, DO is a former Olympic and world Judo Champion, a Physiotherapist and a Professor of Physical Education, with several medical specialization such as sports medicine, traumatology, psychological medicine, physical medicine and manual therapy. However, it was in Osteopathy and training techniques research that he found his true passion.
He has trained in over ten (10) medical and paramedical specialties. Dr. Voyer has over 25 passionate years in clinical experience and practical knowledge, making him a foremost expert. One of his many gifts is the ability of bringing assessment, treatment and physical training together.


  • Where is the SOMA Training Program – Fort Lauderdale located?
Hellman Holistic Health (H3) 3020 NE 32nd Ave Suite 319 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Each course is hosted by Dan Hellman, MSPT at H3.


  • Who should attend?
Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Exercise and Movement Practitioners, Experienced Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga teachers. SomaTraining courses should be the essential part of the continuing and post graduate education of any health and fitness professional who seek to deliver unparalleled result to their patients and clients.


  • What is the tuition per course?
Price per class EARLYBIRD $1100 (prior to 30 days before class start)
Price per class REGULAR $1250 (30 days or less before class start)
Retake $625


  • What if I am retaking a course or intend to not take a course?
That is not a problem! Email H3 and provide the certificate (if retaking) and/or list the course names or dates you cannot attend. We will provide you with a unique retake ticket link that will allow you to purchase your ticket at a discounted rate of $625.
Please note, there are some unique courses in SOMA Training that are not eligible for retake discounts. Please ask H3 for a list of courses not eligible for retake discounts. 


  • Where can I stay during the courses?
Please keep in mind prices vary due to peak seasons and events in Fort Lauderdale.
Peak season in Fort Lauderdale: Mid-December to Mid-April.
Once again, H3 is located at 3020 NE 32nd Ave Suite 319 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308


  • What are the meal plans?
“BRAIN MELTING” makes you hungry, and boy do we have a perfect meal plan for you!
We have a new option for healthy meals are limited in our area. We are now having YaDa Chef catering our courses.
The meal plan includes Dinner Friday and Breakfast and Lunch Saturday and Sunday. Cost is only $100 for the entire weekend.


Meals are gluten free, dairy free, soy free. The food is AMAZING, super affordable and the Chef is a distinguished organic/gluten free chef. Check out their websites below!
www.yadachef.com  | food.yadachef.com 
Please contact us up to 30 days prior to each course to let us know you want to participate! 
Payment will be taken at check-in on the first day of every course.
Remember, if you are part of the SOMA Elite, your meal plan is FREE!
Email H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com to sign up!


Click the “SIGN ME UP NOW!”  


  • Sign up with H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com to enroll in the SOMA Elite program
  • Email H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com if you are interested and signup with her for a one time payment of a course
  • Contact H3 at 954-566-0585 to pay over the phone
  • You may send a check to Hellman Holistic Health with the course name in the memo.
    • Send checks to:
 Hellman Holistic Health
3020 NE 32nd Ave #319
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
* If you would prefer a different payment method, you may arrange this with H3.
* Please send certificates on retake courses to H3 at info@hellmanholistichealth.com for proof of attendance.



What ever your question or query please feel free to get in touch and one of our expert team will get straight back to you.

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