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H3’s customized fitness and therapy approach are based on Dan Hellman’s 20 plus years of experience as a international presenter to the fitness world and from a deep passion for ongoing continuing education from some of the greatest leaders in the industry.

Dan Hellman is a licensed physical therapist and owns Hellman Holistic Health (H3) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dan’s degree comes from an osteopathic-based college, which included both traditional and manual therapy. Before opening his own business he worked in several outpatient physical therapy orthopedic centers specializing in sports medicine and spine rehabilitation.

Dan has personal clients in many parts of the world including Kuwait, Trinidad, India, Barbados, Europe and Canada. Dan is an avid golfer and works with many golf clients from professionals to amateurs as well as designing individualized health and fitness programs for people of all ages and physical needs.

Recently, Dan Hellman has been honored with a recognition by Golf Digest in its selection of “50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals 2017-2018.” Fort Lauderdale, FL January 15, 2018

Dan Hellman commented on the recognition: “This is quite an honor for me. The fact that Golf Digest included me in its selection of “50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals 2017-2018,” signals that my constant effort to deliver excellent work has paid off. It is gratifying to be recognized in this way.”

When not living his legacy in the classroom, treating clients in his studio, guiding his employees or learning new ways to help his clients attain their goals, Dan loves to golf, travel, spend quiet time with his dog Abby and as you can see below deeply immerse himself in continuing education.

The Teacher Becomes The Student — Continuing Education Courses completed by Dan:

Courses By Guy Voyer DO:

  • Pumping of the Lower Limbs
  • Pumping of the Trunk and Pelvis
  • Pumping of the Upper Limb and TMJ
  • Fascia Normalization of the Upper Limbs
  • Fascia Normalization of the Trunk and Pelvis
  • Fascia Normalization of the Lower Limb
  • 2TLS of the Upper Limbs and Temporomandibular Joints
  • 2TLS of the Trunk and Pelvis
  • 2TLS of the Lower Extremity
  • Pelviology 1 – 22 Axes of the Pelvis
  • Pelviology 2 – H1, H2 and H3 Axes
  • Pelviology 3 – Tests and Normalization of AP Axes
  • Thoracic Diaphragm
  • Cervico-Thoracic Diaphragm
  • Pelvic Diaphragm
  • Cranial Diaphragm
  • Viscerology 1 – Peritoneum, Abdominal Aorta, Esophagus and Stomach
  • Viscerology 2 – Peritoneum, Small Intestine, Colon, Liver and Gall Bladder
  • Viscerology 3 – Peritoneum, Urinary System, Spleen and Pancreas
  • Treatment of the Lymphatic System
  • Respiratory and Circulatory Techniques
  • Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles and Thoracic Diaphragm
  • Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Lower Limbs
  • Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Upper Limbs and Trunk
  • How to Organize the Education and the Progression of the Squat
  • Myofascial Stretching
  • Specific Proprioception and Awareness
  • ELDOA 1
  • ELDOA 2
  • ELDOA 4
  • Global Postural Stretching
  • Cinesiology and Periodization
  • SOMA Golf Trainer – Lower Extremity
  • SOMA Golf Trainer – Trunk and Pelvis
  • SOMA Golf Trainer – Cervical Spine, Upper Extremity and Global Patterns
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – Pumping, 2TLS and Fascial Normalization of the Lower Extremity
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – Pumping, 2TLS and Fascial Normalization of the Pelvis
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – Lower Extremity
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – The Pelvis
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – Lumbar Spine and Thoracic Cage
  • SOMA Golf Therapy – Upper Extremity, Cervical Spine and TMJ
  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy – Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and SI Joint
  • SOMA Trainings

More classes to come!

Courses By Paul Chek:

  • C.H.E.K Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K Level 1
  • C.H.E.K Level 2
  • C.H.E.K Level 3
  • C.H.E.K Level 4
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
  • PPS Success Mastery
  • C.H.E.K Golf Performance
  • Senior Faculty Member

Course By Titleist Performance Institute (TPI):

  • TPI 1
  • TPI Junior 2
  • TPI Medical 2
  • TPI Medical 3

Course By Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapist:

  • NMT 1 – Cervical Injuries, Postural Analysis & Pelvic Stabilization
  • NMT 2 – Pain Mechanisms of Low Back
  • NMT 3 – Shoulder, Upper Torso, Spinal Column and Extremities
  • NMT 4 – TMJ Dysfunction, Hands, Feet & Eyes
  • NMT 5 – Neuromuscular Components of Cranial Decompression and Scoliosis

And many more…